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The YMCA Esslingen was founded in 1872 as an independant institution for youth work. Our activities are open to all people in our town.

The basic goals of the YMCA have been set in the Paris Basis.

The YMCA is an interdenominational Christian youth association and
wants - by the commitment of young Christians, regardless of their backgrounds -
to help young people to deal with the many challenges of this world,
to master their lives and to become living testimonies of the reality of Jesus Christ.

These goals are the basis for the YMCA's approach to the complete person. We want to support our young people's physical, emotional and spiritual development by offering a wide range of different activities and small groups where they can come together. The YMCA Esslingen is commissioned by the local Lutheran Church to do the youth work for them. In addition, we are part of the national and international YMCAs which serve more than 30 million people in over 100 countries worldwide.

Making friends for a lifetime - Youth Groups

The largest part of our ministry is accounted for by our youth groups. At the moment we have about 30 small groups where about 500 children and young people come together weekly.

Our youth groups offer a variety of activities like playing and doing sports together, making things out of different materials, hearing and learning from the Bible etc.. In addition the young people in our youth groups can participate in summer camps for holidays or weekends which are helping them to discover and explore nature in its great variety.

There are small groups for all ages in our YMCA:

- groups for children aged 9 to 12
- teenager groups for the 13- to 19-year-olds
- scout groups for young people between 12
and 20 years of age.

They all have in common that they give young people the opportunity to learn early in their lives to interact with others and to take on responsibility.

We run a number of open institutions comparable to youth clubs in different parts of our town:

- Jugendtreff NORD in Hohenkreuz
- Jugendtreff Makarios in Pliensauvorstadt
- Esslingen YMCA Lutherbau Downtown

This area of our youth work is mainly social welfare work. Three to five days a week the local young people with German and foreign backgrounds have the opportunity to meet in these places, to get to know each other, to do sports, play and eat together and to take part in discos and eventful educational programs. Special afternoons for children and social work in small groups are part of this work as well.

Camps and adventure holidays

About 700 children and teenagers take part in our camps during their summer or winter holidays each year. There is a big variety of activities for almost all ages. They have a lot of fun and fellowship, and develop a sense of community during a longer camp or summer outing. Often they will remeber these events as a very special time in their lives.

Especially our summer camps at our site on Lake Constance have had a long tradition (since 1952).

In addition there are a number of short holidays at weekends throughout the year with about 800 participants.

Young adults and families - Let's have fun together!

We have home groups, sport groups and different programs like Alpha-course inviting young grown-ups over 18 to share questions about faith and life in general. Join activities in their leisure time help them to build personal relationships.

Would you like to order something?

On Friday evenings there is the opportunity to come together and talk in the informal atmosphere of "the cellar".

And how is the family doing?

We have special programs for families giving attention to every familiy-member and providing opportunities for them to do things together with other families. We offer support and help to parents concerning education and marriage.

In addition there are a number of activities for senior adults.

Would you like to do more?

- We have sports activities including football and volleyball teams, children's and women's sports.
- One of our traditional branches is music;
we have brass orchestras and three worship bands. 
- We have a book & music shop, "Das PLUS" selling Christian music and literature, magazines and journals with Christian contents and a number of gifts. In 2006 the shop moved to the lutherbau. A small café was added and we have a prayer-room where you can have a break, rest a little or have a personal time of devotion.
Every second Sunday there is a nontraditional service together with the protestant church in Esslingen-St.Bernhardt
- We have a wide range of contacts nationally and internationally with other YMCAs and associations.
- Another area of our work is concerned with supporting international projects of the YMCA financially.

Volunteers in the YMCA - our real "fund"

About 250 volunteers do the work of our YMCA. About 180 of them have committed themselves to help in one of our youth groups.

Our volunteers are the real "fund" of the YMCA Esslingen.That is why supporting and encouraging them is so important to us. Our professional training program prepares our young volunteers for their tasks. They also get support and encouragement in their weekly meetings (in small groups) and in annual conferences.

In order to ensure the training and support of the volunteers and to organize the different branches of our work we have employed a full-time staff of eight youth workers and another eight people with different tasks.

The budget of all our different tasks and activities amounts to about 1 million Euro. A large part of it is provided by donations, membership fees and income from rents. In addition we receive considerable contributions from the Protestant Church and subsidies from local authorities like the city of Esslingen and the country of Baden-Württemberg. We are very glad about the increasing willingness of our members and friends to support us financially. Especially in times of decreasing public and ecclesiastical funds, financing our work on the basis of private means becomes more and more important.

The real estate used for our numerous activities is comprised of:

- the YMCA house Lutherbau in Esslingen consisting of 6 rooms for youth groups, 1 festival hall, conference rooms, a gymnasium, offices and rooms for the volunteers, "downstairs" etc.,

- the sports fields, the restaurant and recreation facilities on the Schurwaldhöhe,

- the camp site near Birnau-Maurach at the Lake Constance

- the young people's home in Esslingen and

- the camp site on the kornberg

CVJM Esslingen e.V.
Kiesstr. 3-5
73728 Esslingen

Phone: ++49-711-396965-0
Fax: ++49-711-396965-25

CEO/ General Secretary: Gabriele Deutschmann

President/ Chairman of the board: Christof Bunz

Bank account No. 115 600 000
Volksbank Esslingen (code 611 901 10)

IBAN DE44 6119 0110 0115 6000 00


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